the women's orchard

At the request of the governor of the Douentza sector, Sahara Anmilale undertook, in 2022, to plant trees around the school to combat desertification in the village.

This is how the project "1 tree for every school child" was born. 380 trees were planted this year, including many moringas.

Faced with this success, the governor decided to make a 5-hectare plot of land available to the association to continue this action.

After much reflection, the association decided to offer the management of this land to the women of Tangou.

The banditry in the bush endangering their lives, the women can no longer go away to harvest the plants they need to make the baskets and mats that make their reputation on the markets.

local handcrafts

The women of the village met at the end of November 2022 and decided, with the agreement of all, to create an orchard that they will cultivate.

Banana, guava, mango and papaya trees as well as moringas will be planted to supply the village and the canteen.


Borasus will also be planted and will produce the fibers that are the basis of the local handicraft.


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Here a link to a video
, in tamacheq, the thousand-year-old language of the Tuareg, which was sent to us from Tangou, by one of the women who made up the team in charge of this field.